The mission
Building global-scale agile user
experiences and brands for companies
that thrive on change.



“I believe that technology has a unique power to influence our world. As digital architect, I recognise and respect my role in shaping human life. I strive to create designs that aid society, connects people, sustain the environment and inspire those around us to improve our world.”

- Jacopo Spina


Creativity requires input

Whenever there's a business need, the engagement starts with questions, valuable analysis on the user persona, their tasks, their scenario and context of work and their business needs. The participation in workshops is critical, and it's running on design thinking strategy, stakeholder
and users interview.

Data to insights

Creating new knowledge

The final blend of the previous activity gives now the ground base for the user experience to craft the persona journey, map their tasks and their needs and see how they interlace each other in their digital world. Mapping use case scenarios and user tasks are essential.


Generating thinking

As the project progress, the understanding of the interface becomes more evident on every step: after going through all the information
and understanding the business and their users I start sketching on paper artboard possible solutions. Each of these has also annotated
the interaction design between pages, how navigation works, what elements are necessary to run the tasks and connotations
on motion design too.
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